Tragedy of HEROmachine: you and me on the brink of extinction

Lasha Kabanashvili

Lasha Kabanashvili is a Tbilisi-based artist working in different mediums: Installation, Poetry, Video art and Performance. His current work reflects on contemporary consumer society; capitalist discourse, science and their relations with each other; the digital age and post-humanism; queer theory da cyberfeminism. His work is mainly based on the creation of non-binary language with the deconstruction of binary principles.

Lasha kabanashvili: Tragedy of the HEROmachine: you and me on the brink of extinction 

The exhibition represents the image of Hero-Man in a postheroic world and shows the hero as a fictional character in his everyday life and simultaneously a man in his heroic deeds. The routine of the man and the steps of the hero’s journey interchange and tell a dual narrative.

The work examines social and gender roles reproduced in pop culture with an anthropological approach. It questions the opposition of subject and object, man and woman, sky and earth, culture and nature, cosmos and chaos, and criticises the binary logic of power dynamics as its basis. The work reflects on the end of the human from the perspective of posthumanism and portrays the failed project of humanism, rationalism, and enlightenment as an image of a dehumanized human.

The work creates non-binary language on one hand as a body without organs - deterritorialized and decentralized body on the remains of humanity; on the other hand icon of the junkyard, as an apocalypse imagined by the white man in the ending of a human and “his” many faces (subject/god/author).

The mixed media exhibition consists of art objects created in different mediums (installation, collage, digital art, text, painting, video) merged as one metaphorical text.

BwO v.4 
BwO v.4
BwO v.4
BwO v.4
Junkyard of broken images

I am the everyday HERO
knight of the market
for I am the

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                                         Reproducing through every part of your fucking world

Hērōs {literally "protector" or "defender"}
1j: a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability
1h: an illustrious warrior
1gh: a person admired for achievements and noble qualities
1t: one who shows great courage
2x: the principal character in a literary or dramatic work —used specifically of a principal male character especially when contrasted with heroine
2w: the central figure in an event, period, or movement
3r: an object of extreme admiration and devotion : IDOL

mēkhanḗ {“a machine, engine, contrivance, device”}
1k: a mechanically, electrically, or electronically operated device for performing a task
1c: a coin-operated device
1f(1): an assemblage of parts that transmit forces, motion, and energy one to another in a predetermined manner
1f(2): an instrument designed to transmit or modify the application of power, force, or motion
1d: any of various apparatuses formerly used to produce stage effects
2l: someone or something that resembles a machine (as in being methodical, tireless, or consistently productive)
2q(1): a combination of persons acting together for a common end along with the agencies they use
2q(2): a highly organized political group under the leadership of a boss or small group of individuals
2v: a living organism or one of its functional systems
3n: a literary device or contrivance (such as a supernatural being or event) introduced for dramatic effect
4g archaic : a constructed thing whether material or immaterial : STRUCTURE
4m archaic : a military engine

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khaos sun

Scene III

Collector of hearts is shouting seven principles of true man as he trains when female stranger enters the bedroom. 

Collector of hearts (yelling to the stranger with the voice of voice actor of commercial):
                        Sign it, you can be one of the many, as I will be only one for you !