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We were dreaming of a world where no one seizes the truth. A world with a full spectrum of colors.
We were fighting against systems, 
Gender roles and oppression.
The start of the war brought us back to the binary nature of things which we were trying to flee: Darkness and light, black and white, kindness and evil, enemy and friend.
Pacifists transformed into militants, 
cosmopolites into patriots, 
atheists started to pray.
Some of us took a weapon, some continued the fight with tools turned into weapons.
Facing the war united us, unlike the different intent of unity we had before.
Stories that elders used to tell in the past, became our present.
A bloodthirsty monster that we deemed undefeatable is dying. Striving for death just prior to death in its last agony, viciously destroying life and smashing all.

...Since the idea persists, war is not over yet.
Since the war is not over, no one is defeated.


Fungus Gallery "SMASH"
 Unknown Soldier - "Ukraine 2022". Mobile Photography.
 Unknown Soldier - "Ukraine 2022". Mobile Photography.
 Unknown Soldier - "Ukraine 2022". Mobile Photography.
 Unknown Soldier - "Ukraine 2022". Mobile Photography.

Neba Andyboll  - 888-7-12…

I created this series about the war of 2008, about what I saw with my own eyes. I remember some unknown people coming to our house. I later learned they were our relatives who lived close to the conflict zone. I was seven years old and scared. I did not fully realize what was happening (still, I don't). I did not even know what the word war was. I remember they cried endlessly. I thought someone would come and kill us too. I painted these pieces in 2020, when at the funeral of our relative when a woman crying reminded me of 2008. It seemed very familiar, with lots of tears and religious icons around.

Neba Andyboll - "888-7-12…" Mixed Media on Paper.

Uta Bekaia - Lost in patriotism

Where does patriotism begin? And what does it mean? For someone who sees state borders as an absurd concept, the idea that the patriarchal establishment has always been used for destruction and degradation, patriotism may be a symbol of nationalism used as a weapon of destruction. On the other hand, patriotism may be a symbol of hope, freedom, and devotion, which gives strength to the oppressed in the struggle for existence precisely under the pressure of patriarchal boundaries. The presented work, a half-rotten unicorn, is dedicated to the duality of the idea of patriotism that might defeat the fear of death and at the same time, become an excuse for ultra-nationalist violence. The question arises; How do we learn to balance this substantial and at the same time very dangerous notion?

Uta Bekaia - "Lost in patriotism". Mixed Media Sculpture.
Uta Bekaia - "Lost in patriotism". Mixed Media Sculpture.

Keti Nadibaidze - I Fight

I will tell you, how everything started that morning, when I and a city were bleeding, both aching, losing, and enduring. When we both started to fight, and only winners in the war were red puddle flowers.
I will tell you…

Keti Nadibaidze -  "I Fight". Embroidery on Cloth.
Keti Nadibaidze -  "I Fight". Embroidery on Cloth.

KOI - Désarméé

The history of fascist and authoritarian regimes is full of stories about the vilification of minorities to justify their actions. Regimes fueled by hatred revived themselves, and queerness remains a threat that needs to be persecuted.  In conservative, religion-driven Georgia, influenced by the politics of Imperialist Russia, the war on queerness is a tool to re-direct public anger from systems to the most vulnerable scapegoat. The message is: the socio-economic and climate catastrophes caused by those in power are God’s wrath, angered by the immoralities of a few, but so great in its nature it taints the whole society. you either fight against it (in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit) or you are an accomplice. Thus, we are subjected to violent hate groups attacking us at every moment where the socio-political changes, benefitting us all, are due What queer community has never done is fight back, physically, and united.

Every time we find ourselves at rallies, parted into groups of attackers, and attacked by police, it ends with us fleeing, with the sound of whispers: “We are many. we could have beaten their asses.” And probably we could have, but we choose not to, fearing loss. Some say nothing comes without it, but what are we willing to risk? We believed, by running away we were caring for each other and avoiding war, and their cries were fading in the back. But what we fear is not avoidable, we are already dying, for we are sacrificed for the greater good of cishetnormativity. Many of us died, and many have left the country. We were fed lies of a better future that were never going to be, not on its own at least. We are at war. and one day we might get angry enough to fight back.

KOI - "Désarméé". Mixed Media on Canvas.
KOI - "Désarméé". Mixed Media on Canvas.
KOI - "Désarméé". Mixed Media on Canvas.
KOI - "Désarméé". Mixed Media on Canvas.

David Apakidze: "Siren"

I was born with doves pecking my skin
with red eyes and white feathers.
Those ceilings – of gray building blocks
I wasn't like them:
gray doves
the urban landscape…
I survived thanks to the city dust
It made me just like everyone else, but
then I started to grow
all white
I would work as a wedding dove, then
and that I was albino, I somehow managed to hide
But a month ago, since the war started
I'm a siren
I fly high
I scream 
and blood's all over me:
my mouth which rips the hearts of enemies
and my wings – which cover the building blocks
when the war is over, I shall be a dove again
the peace dove – a white dove and spreading my wings
I shall think of the rice tossed at the weddings
I shall think of a city in fire
and people in a fight
the city smog which chokes me
the homeland – picking my skin
And this love that I have for it.

David Apakidze - "Siren". Plaster face cast, Stuffed Calico.

Tony - This Rage of Mine

flames fueled
by every baby food not eaten
by every online match cut short
by every unbeknownst last embrace on
the dance floor
one month of fuel for this rage of mine

Tony - "This Rage of mine". Digital Photography.

Lola - Untitled

We are born, we start to die, and we thirst for tiredness and isolation until we look into the eyes of war. When the war starts, you imprint every detail around you into your memory, what is still live and undestroyed, you pay attention to the details that were unnoticed before, and in fear of disaster, you become happy for a split second. 

You remember what you did not before in your everyday life, you feel ashamed, you miss it and cry for it. You are in a narrow hole of fear and uncertainty, and the only thing you want to do is: to join the fight – somehow.

Lola - Untitled. Mixed Media on Paper.
Lola - Untitled. Mixed Media on Paper.
Lola - Untitled. Mixed Media on Paper.
George Kartozia: "I want him dead". Mixed Media on Canvas.
Dato Koridze - "Photos from the demonstration in support of Ukraine, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2022". Digital Photography.
Dato Koridze - "Photos from the demonstration in support of Ukraine, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2022". Digital Photography.

GOD ERA  x Lasha KabanashviliI 

In Mariupol, occupiers took turns raping a woman for several days in front of her 6 year old son. She later died of her wounds. Her young son’s hair turned grey.

GOD ERA  x Lasha Kabanashvili. Installation.

Vladislav Plisetskiy - С днём рождения

привет и прости пожалуйста, что не поздравил с днем рождения. Я замотался. голова кругом идёт, я с племянником Женей из Донецка тебя попутал, меня посадили 19 апреля, тебе было две недели отроду и такое захочешь не забудешь 
Как же Вам засрали мозги,
Не уехал бы из Донецка пожил бы под бомбёжками
Люди в Донецке 8 лет жили хуже :P а вы киевские чмошники, за неделю обосрались половина 
уехала, зато дёшевых понтов выше крыши, бред какой-то несёшь какие плечи блевотина какая-то, ты
сам веришь в этот бред что несёшь, что ты куришь или колешь, сам веришь в свой лепет
Вы Россию высмеивали грозили, Донецк гнобили, а теперь герои сраные чмошники бендеровские
жрите гамно полной ложкой вы киевские такие Зеленский и другие давно на Западе
Что ты скажешь через 3 месяца?
Ты сам веришь что вы остановите Россию? Не надо было гнобить Донецк
А людей пожгли в Одессе, или не знал, что пидоры бендеровские несколько сотен заживо сожгли?
За что боролись на то и напоролись
Герои :D :D :D
И тебе всего доброго
я остаюсь в городе
я всю жизнь говорю на русском и меня не убили
И в чём доблесть? Это бендеровские звери пытают и прикрываются гражданским населением, а 
Россия несёт мир в чём скоро убедишься,
На западной Украине, на русском не погорить, что же ты их защищаешь?
Не понимаю твоего пафоса в Донецке люди 8 лет страдали и не уехали в Россию хотя могли, таже
Вика с детьми, под бомбёжками жили и дай чтобы выжыли, ты чего самому не смешно?поговорим
когда Россия придёт
Я думаю мне будет проще восстановить нашу старую и добрую семейную традицию и я говорю о
Дедушка когда то похоронил тебя и для меня и для государства
И я наверно сделаю также
Поэтому давай прекратим это общения
Так как судя по всему тебе как и мне хорошо жилось и без друг друга
И я думаю мы справимся с ещё одной утратой
Желаю Тебе удачи
И прийти мои соболезнования