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On 14th October, 19:00, Fungus Gallery and Creative Collective Spectrum invite you to the exhibition dedicated to transgender women.

Trans women have been at the crossroads of the intersections of systemic oppression. While fighting against transmisogyny and other social and economic injustices, they have been fighting for us all. Being brave and vocal against the system they are an inspiration of solidarity and community support. In a patriarchal society, transmisogyny manifests as the vilest form of gender violence. Hence, we believe that there is no gender equality without trans women, and no woman is free until trans women are.

The exhibition is dedicated to Georgian trans women, those who have had an immense role in social change and acceptance; those who paved the way for new generations and made sacrifices for trans youth to have a better life;

Women who still struggle, whose resilience gives us the motivation to keep fighting and not give up; And to younger women carrying on the legacy of the women who died fighting for their liberation and rights, so their names are never forgotten; 

to a new generation of trailblazers who will be leading us into a better world.

The world keeps shaking under my feet.
they say it heels, my red stilettos
But even barefoot, it’s hard to stay still.
too many hands trying to push me down
and autumn breeze at one glance, pleasant and innocent.
Instead of finding its way through my hair,
keeps trying to take it away.
Like Delilah, the wind has conspired
with my enemies to take my powers.
But little does the wind know.
that those sharp heels
can spear hearts like a needle.
hearts of lovers and enemies alike.
little do my enemies know
with those heels I hold grip

George Nebieridze / Dato Koridze / Anka Gujabidze
Anka Gujabidze
Dato Koridze
George Nebieridze
George Nebieridze
Mano Svanidze / George Nebieridze
Mano Svanidze
Uta Bekaia