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ENJOY TRANSCENDENCE is a collaboration between PROJECT FUNGUS and Ria Keburia Foundation. In the residence program, eight artists worked on the theme: myth and ritual in a modern consumer societyArtists worked on texts about the mentioned theme, which inspired individual artworks that carry dialogue with each other; and present different visions and perspectives.In a consumer society, myth is always presented as an explicator and definer, producing value systems and the structure of reality. Simultaneously, it appoints ritual as a habit, behaviour, and example to determine human experience, where repetitive actions create antistructure.

The Simulative system is total: impossible to deny since denial recreates it; denial is an affirmation - affirmation is denial. The subject is imagined as a product of this system, since produced of language and information, with concrete norms and habits, as well as repetitive actions. In one case: it produces discourse about space and defines real and true. In another case, it constructs discourse about time, in which it generates the representation of time and creates subjects experiences.Artists critically gaze at western traditions of heteronormativity, capitalism, rationalism, and science and try to rethink values created by these discourses.

Hitori Ni - Scorpio9. Installation.
Hitori Ni - Scorpio9. Installation.
Hitori Ni - Scorpio9. Installation.

Hitori Ni - Scorpio9

After multiple experiments, an experienced magician made a faulty spell and got trapped between two worlds. He tries, again and again, to find a way through different spells, but without success.Iron is his element, electro energy is his force. By synthesis of the two materials, he sometimes comes back to our world and communicates, then returns to isolation. Returning to this world is as unattainable for him, as the Castle is for “K”, but the magician has different plans, he feels good when he's alone since he trusts no one.

But he can guide you through traumatic dreams If you listen…

Hitori Ni - Scorpio9. Installation.
Hitori Ni - Scorpio9. Installation.


God Era - Untitled

In the modern world information won over knowledge, modern human wishes are managed by digital media. Corporations use every possible resource to supply modern consumer society with more new products, and we are complying with the rules of their game with one movement of our finger. Today act of consumerism is an irreversible process, and the act of scrolling became an impartible ritual of our routine.

God Era - Untitled. Installation. Foam, Red Clay, Rocks.
God Era - Untitled. Installation. Foam, Red Clay, Rocks.
God Era - Untitled. Installation. Foam, Red Clay, Rocks.

KOI - Misplaced

While luxury resorts, exclusive clubs, shops, and other similar spaces are some of the most desirable places in our society, the queer community is possibly the minority that yearns to be a part of this new trend of richness, and coolness and acceptance the most.

The truth is, however, that queer people mostly occupy these spaces as servers or other low paying positions. We never truly belong. For owners and real, paying guests of these spaces, queer bodies are seen as accessories, jesters, living-breathing symbols of coolness and quirk. And even when invited to participate, there is a strong element of tokenism at play, to further feed the myth of us being welcomed in this world which doesn’t truly accept us.

This acceptance is conditional and includes anything from performative queerness to being moderately radical in your expression of identity, to entertaining those who use their acceptance of us as a way to gain the label of open-mindedness.The double-slit experiment shows the quantum property of light particles to behave like a wave when not observed (thus having certain possibilities of being in several spaces simultaneously, rather than having one fixed position). And have their function collapse on a single point when observation is made (gaining the properties of a particle).

An experiment was an inspiration of exposition to portray queerness in spaces: in which the above-mentioned world chooses to see us, as rich, fancy, fashionable, and luxurious, while ignoring our actual struggles and imagining us as privileged groups of artists, entertainers or freaks and in spaces: we are put in by same world. observation can be made wherever one finds fit.

KOI - Misplaced. Instax Photography Installation.
KOI - Misplaced. Instax Photography Installation.

David Apakidze - Abortion Pills (triptych)

The ability of reproduction was sacralized in all cultures and eras. Reproduction was a main divine act in the beliefs of both matriarchal and patriarchal societies. In the patriarchal world, man has entirely appropriated sacramentality but, the ability to reproduce remained a woman's privilege (in truth: tool of oppression) her body became a divine vessel. All patriarchal deities tried to penetrate this body, sometimes with a golden rain, sometimes with the Holy Spirit. This diminished women's role in the sacred reproduction act, for it, was not her decision anymore. If a patriarchal god could destroy his child by his will, a woman would unconditionally protect this child, hide from a wrathful father because her only sovereign sacral position - was motherhood.

"Abortion Pills" is a corner of the icons of the Virgin Mary, which is an advertising campaign for abortion pills. Abortion is a sacral act in which a woman reclaims the right to reproduce. Materials used to create the icons are what women have been in contact with daily, in the course of their duties. Items that are unfavourable for men to touch are the focal purity in these icons. The infant is not depicted on the triptych. The necessity of its existence is questioned, for the man is not the one on whom the issue of reproduction depends.

David Apakidze - Abortion Pills. Clay, Embroidery, Watercolor Painting.
David Apakidze - Abortion Pills. Clay, Embroidery, Watercolor Painting.
David Apakidze - Abortion Pills. Clay, Embroidery, Watercolor Painting.
David Apakidze - Abortion Pills. Clay, Embroidery, Watercolor Painting.

Lasha Kabanashvili x Mariko Chanturia - As Above, So Bellow

“that which is above is like to that which is below,
and that which is below is like to that which is above.”

this is an invitation to my fellow consumer
Welcome to [my,your,their,our] b[a]droom
to the shop of dreams and horrors
for every possible wish
[OPEN] 24 hours and 7 days
where the earth is gushing out from the sky
[where snakes fly] X [birds are slithering]
let me show you something horrible  
that I am not born but produced
by this rubbish of signs and symbols
you are walking on and talking with
are those my parents?
or my children?
I have nowhere to stand
nothing to stand for.

Lasha Kabanashvili x Mariko Chanturia - As Above, So Bellow. Installation.
Lasha Kabanashvili x Mariko Chanturia - As Above, So Bellow. Installation.
Lasha Kabanashvili x Mariko Chanturia - As Above, So Bellow. Installation.
Lasha Kabanashvili x Mariko Chanturia - As Above, So Bellow. Installation.

Tina Atami - Pan's Fight at sunset / Where do you bathe?

Modern myths with their direct meaning are left behind religious consumerism, but global catastrophes drove people to search for spiritual knowledge and experiences. Due to the problematic nature of existing religious institutions, many are reawakening forgotten gods and deities.

Pan’s flight at sunset

Mythological Pan is again trying to save us from postapocalyptic reality. Painting is created related to upcoming scenes of the movie, where The Pan is trying to save the earth from pandemics. Is it real what is happening to us? What will the future be like?

Tina Atami - Pan's flight at the sunset. Acrylic on Motherboards.

Where do you bathe?

according to old myths, Zeus turned Pan (a mythological creature) into a constellation as a sign of gratitude. But today's Pan bathes in plastic bottles. Work explores what drives us to the end of the world. What does the mythical god Pan like in the modern world… How consumerism is the downfall of earth. Water poured from plastic bottles won't turn into wine.



George Kartozia - Untitled

There is no discourse of Paraphilistic painting in modern art, although we know that fetishism is a paraphilic disease and in modern sexuality, it is unambiguously normalized (and if not, it should be!). Imagine the situation:

You like, or are attracted to a body that is accessorized - it is dressed (loaded with sign/signs), or it is tattooed (loaded with sign/signs). He gets naked or you imagine him naked, but paradoxically you no longer like him, or you are no longer attracted to him. So you ask him to go back to that starting point, where he will still be able to charm you or excite you. Fetishism showers inanimate objects with surplus value, it creates a possibility to relish them, to worship them. It is a state where the sign can entrance you, and give you mana so that you can go on living (movement). These works demonstrate what paraphilic painting stands for nowadays. What do a body with a subject, an appendage and a sign mean in modern times, and what is the body like without them (If it exists as such)? Is there a body in existence that we have not adorned with fetishistic notions, in a way to try and make others feel the way that we do when we look in a mirror when our body heaves one step higher through its connection with the signs? Here the sign is no longer a toy, a value, or just a signifier.

Text: George Namgaladze

George Kartozia - Untitled. Mixed Media on Canvas.
George Kartozia - Untitled. Mixed Media on Canvas.
George Kartozia - Untitled. Mixed Media on Canvas.

Xosilita - Day Dream

In our everyday life, there are moments when we unwittingly cross into imaginary reality. This type of detachment mostly happens while doing routine job or personal routines, while movement is monotonous and extra mental involvement, thinking and involvement is not necessary. Our bodies move robotically endlessly while the mind detaches from the existing reality and starts imagining situations, spaces, and states, characterized as “what if” 

These kinds of states sometimes manifest psychologically as a way to deal with traumas. In inadmissible or unpleasant situations, our minds use a defense mechanism and move to better scenarios to avoid insufferable reality. In a modern, heavily consumerist world, where many things happen against our will, these types of detachment become more frequent. The more insufferable reality is, the stronger is the need to escape. Daydreams demonstrate themselves like meditation and take the form of modern rituals. Traveling between two parallel spaces becomes similar to the attempt of time travel.

Xosilita - Day Dream.