abyss end flow


Lola is a young painter and multimedia artist based in Tbilisi. She delves into the complexities of the human experience, using a variety of mediums to explore themes of motion, consensus reality and the cycles of life, death and rebirth. Her works aim to question the understanding of existence and to look deeper into the underlying connections between all living things, examines the cyclical nature of being and ultimately breaking those cycles. The artist uses old or found objects to create new pieces, without knowing their history, she gives them whole new life and meaning.

The exhibition explores relations of binary oppositions in the order of a consensus world, in which the artist simultaneously agrees to and denies these ambivalences, expressing with visual concepts their absurdity and painful human experiences that are the results of searching for agreement in the ever-changing world.

Exposition combines works created in different mediums, which use symbolic language to produce the endless metaphors, question the concepts of time, memory, variability and immutability; and to indicate the unknown territories that emerge between reality and human perception.

Work researches the relationship between life and death through the metaphor of mother and child, where the ritualistic symbols emphasise the fragility and ephemerality of life; demonstrates the end(ing) and loss.

The symbols of the lake, ice and embryo also express the end of the cycle of life. In which a living organism, frozen in time, maintains the ability to grow and continue to live. Artist expresses this ability through blood symbolics, which draws parallels between humans and animals; as life forms that similarly share experiences of struggle, torment and pain;

In the metaphor of bleeding, the process of bloodletting acts as a motion that abolishes the cycle of immutability in the consensus world and simultaneously can be perceived as a possible ending of mutable life.