Andro Dadiani


Untitled exhibition by Andro Dadiani is an act of saying goodbye to love. It reminds us of the violent interruption of ritual. 

The lack of a title represents the Author's dried, wordless and hopeless state. The exposition quote “saying goodbye is a sacred business” is periphrasing Andros lover, “said he” is from the Bible, how Job addresses the god, Artist imitating Job depicts his love as a God.

The lyrical subject of the exhibition has to find a way in the darkness of forbidden, seized love, hopelessness and godlessness, using braille and characterless sounds as a guide.

The Author gives special, metaphoric meaning to the physical weight, colour, and material of the things: Clay/dirt– as the central energy of death, birth and life. Materials: bread, human bones, iron, and glass also carry significant meaning as a metaphor for evolution, culture and possessing subordination.

Sound: Giorgi Badurashvili, Ilia Migriauli