against cishet normality, against the world!

What is Queer, a new word in the Georgian lexicon? Often it is seen as a colloquial name or synonym for LGBT + community, often we find it used as synonymous with gay in our parts. These are narrow definitions, as Queerness is more than just a collective name. It is a struggle, an aggressive opposition to stability, and a "normality" built on traditional ideas.

What does Queerness mean to us?

The waving the pride flag once a year?

Integration into the socio-economic system that seeks to destroy us?

The enrollment into capitalist, heteronormative, and militarist institutions with rainbow flags?

Is this the limit of our desires and dreams?

In a space where the representation politics seeks to dominate the issue by imitating the West and their love for Rainbow capitalism, only offering us the illusion of equality, understanding all of this becomes even more significant.

Representation and visibility are limited combat weapons, resulting only in assimilation. Our goal is not to be a supplement to cis-heteronormativity, to become acceptable to the same systems, and to become part of the oppressors instead of eliminating oppression.

While the discussions of visibility take a lot of our time and resources, conditions of the most vulnerable and oppressed among us; Transgender people, sex workers, ethnic minorities, and others, are deteriorating.

We don't need representation politics that does not focus on systemic oppression and is limited to only affirming our humanity to a system for which we are outside acceptability, the system which will never accept us and won't let society accept us.

We do not need visibility if it doesn't bring access to hormone therapy for transgender people and if it doesn't give housing and security for young, Queer people cast away by their families.

We do not need these forms of acceptance that only give us superficial equality and do not change the oppressive system. The right to marriage cannot be a priority when the most vulnerable among us are starving and have no access to medical care.

Queerness - is not a colourful version of the cis-hetero patriarchal family with its enforced monogamy, and we should not allow it to become that.

Instead of trying to demand a small space from the society in which we will be forced to contort ourselves to meet their demands and sacrifice those of us most unacceptable to them - we must abandon this struggle for this illusory equality. Because the world still won't accept us, and this in return means that the world itself is unacceptable, it must be destroyed in its foundation and rebuilt from scratch.