“The fungus thrives in damp and dark places. It plays a vital role in the ecology of the biosphere. By decomposing any organic matter, it creates rich soil. ”A counterculture prospers similarly. While feeding on the cultural construct, it creates ripples and generates cracks in it.

“Mushrooms” play a unique role in the environment; they belong to neither the animal nor the plant world. They are a separate kingdom. Like fungus, we do not fully comply with social and cultural norms. We thrive wherever we get even a little chance to grow. In abandoned, dark places and luxurious halls, with the foundations crumbling invisibly.

We flourish even in contaminated sites, deadly to the living world. We feed and grow on poison, toxic waste. Our multiplication is an irreversible process. Like mushrooms, we do not often appear on the surface, but we grow strong underground and cause intoxication. We all have our own habitation rules, we speak different languages, but we are all rooted to one fungus base, whose task is to destroy the accepted social construct that seems to be standing firm, but actually rots from the inside."